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A good brand can allow us to tell stories. Of challenging the status quo. Of lives changed in small but meaningful ways
Of dignity restored.

But it’s the way we tell that story and build that brand, that moves it from a regretful story to one of action, energy, and hope. And that’s what builds momentum.



Founded by youth worker Dave Linton, Madlug is a luggage company and lifestyle brand giving dignity to and raising awareness of the value & worth of children in care.

After seeing a video in which a young woman who had moved through the care system described how she ended up carrying her possessions from one home to the next in bin bags, causing her and others to “lose our dignity”, Dave was determined that no child should leave care carrying their possessions in a bin bag. Working on a one-for-one model, matching luggage purchases with bags given to children in care, Madlug has grown exponentially and will soon have helped over 10,000 children in care.

We knew that the key to Madlug’s long-term success would be helping Dave to build a movement and creating a lifestyle brand that was at once engaging whilst still encouraging people to listen to the story behind it. In Dave’s own words, “I don’t want to be a campaigner or a big stick.”

Using a simple, elemental mark and colourful engaging visuals with affecting copywriting allows us to tell the story that whether you’re a consumer or a child in care that ‘life goes inside’ your Madlug. It’s an approach that has seen Madlug recognised as one of the Observer’s ‘New Radicals’ — a curation of the UK’s most innovative social enterprises — as well as the recipient of a Virgin VOOM award.


Social media and curated lifestyle photography has allowed Madlug to build a genuinely grass-roots movement; with an engaged and evangelical following.



Our work with Madlug touched upon every part of their brand; from promo to the very colours and finishes of the bags themselves allowing us to help craft a unified image.



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