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The qualities of a good brand are intangible, the benefits priceless.

Your brand is the story you’re telling, how you’re telling it & who you’re telling it to. It’s the values that other people attach to you; how they react, how it makes them feel.

What We Do

We’re a branding & multi-disciplinary design studio working in the field of brand identity and visual communication.

We believe in process because it allows us to get to the heart of what our clients are about, producing thoughtful, conceptually-driven work. We seek to deliver ideas that not only resonate with people, but endure.

Working with clients from a diverse range of industries, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes to define their message and present themselves in a clear and effective way.

We create & manage brands that mean something.
Because when a brand means something to someone, that’s powerful.



Connie Hunter-Jamison
Founder, Partner

Since co-founding StudioStereo in 2008 with her late husband Craig, Connie has worked with a range of brands and businesses across the UK, from startups to corporations working around the world. Connie’s visual aesthetic and approach to branding is tempered and informed by her background as a photographer; every image has meaning. Connie is a member of the International Society of Typographic Designers.


Jonny Lloyd

Coming to design from a diverse background, Jonny’s experience and abilities are applied to brand-driven design & strategic thinking across every discipline, applied with exquisite typographic sensibility and rigorous attention to detail. Jonny’s wide-ranging expertise encompasses the design of books, magazines, brand identities, printed matter, signage, way-finding systems and packaging.


Abigail Miller

Abigail joined the StudioStereo team after graduating with First Class Honours in Graphic Design & Illustration. Her fascination with typography, eye for detail and knowledge of print processes make her an integral part of our design thinking.


Studio Hound


Craig Hunter (1984-2014)

Everyday we think, ‘what would Craig do’. His vision shaped and continues to shape our way of looking at the visual world. He is sorely missed.


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